A Look at Haptik’s Insurance Chatbot : Running banner ads would have been better

So Haptik has launched insurance bot in partnership with HDFCLife Insurance and here is a quick take on that.

This chatbot aims to assist the customers with insurance advice – ranging from Health to Tax Planning & Retirement, based on a simple 60-second quiz which enables it to compute their Insurance Quotient.

Calculated using different parameters under each insurance category, the Insurance Quotient is an indicative score for each individual, based on which, HDFC Life can recommend the best suited insurance plans for the user.

The chatbot not only works as a personal financial advisor, but also brings to the forefront the universal need for life insurance [from the PR]

First of all, the insurance bot is active only for 2 weeks (which is a big sales win for Haptik as this is the prime time to grab insurance companies’ marketing spend), but frankly – you don’t need a bot to run this.
All it needs is a Typeform (which has really great UX) to run a *bot*, as these are mere If-else statements in the backend.
Take a look at the above pic.
As part of the ‘know insurance score’, the Puneet bot wants to really know how I feel when I come home. And there are only 3 choice I have to chose from. If I say ‘Enthusastic’, the least an intelligent bot should do is to match from the nearest choice.
And now, take a look at this:

Clearly, this ain’t chat (yo Nishant). At max, guided sales and lead generation (which is totally fine) feature without actually promoting via a banner ad.
Isn’t this the case with most of the chatbots? Most of them are a ‘good’ guided conversational tools and in my frank opinion, they are better off removing the ‘send a message’ option. That will lead to a much better user experience (frankly, there is no Puneet or Nishant on the other side :). There is no chat!).
What’s wrong with Haptik running a banner ad on its app? If the team is concerned about *ugly* side of advertising (makes the product look sick/bad user experience), such an implementation will hit the product usage.
What’s your take?
PS : I love what Haptik is trying to achieve. These reviews are our attempt to push the envelope for founders who often buy into #PRshit.
TLDR: NextBigWhat is back with its questions and curiosity.

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