Support Messaging App Haptik Now Integrates With Smart Watches

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Support Messaging App Haptik Now Integrates With Smart Watches

Support Messaging App, Haptik now integrates with smart watches like MOTO 360, Samsung Gear S, LG G WATCH R etc. The integration will enable clickable links and actions from within notifications on your Android smartwatch.

The company has launched Smart Actions integration as part of the integration. Smart Actions are the buttons that are attached to Haptik messages which make several tasks easier to do.

We’re bringing two key Smart Actions to your watch: the call and the SMS Smart Action.

What this means is that if we ever recommend you to call a particular number in one of our responses, you wouldn’t have to take out your phone and make the call: you could simply swipe and click on the call smart action attached to the message on your watch. This is particularly useful when you’ve got your headset on, or are driving.

The SMS smart action works largely in the same manner. If we ever suggest you type send a text to a particular number, just swipe and click on the action, and the app will send the SMS for you.  [blogpost]

Plus, the two Smart Actions are also added to Android phone’s notification tray.

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