Haptik Loves Its Competitor Akosha : Well, Almost [Imitation Vs. Inspiration]

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Customer service startups, Haptik and Akosha do compete with each other – but then, there is a bit of history that calls for some love-dovey-talks.
Haptik, in its latest blogpost has accused (in a lovey-dovey manner) Akosha of copying the design and even the content of its app. The company

Last year in July, there was a hackathon organized by Akosha, a Delhi based company who has been around since 2009 doing online complaint resolution. The theme of the hackathon was to “build apps around customer service” with prizes “worth 3 Lakh +”.
We at Haptik thought it was a great idea for a company trying to figure out how they want to transition to mobile. A company who we tried to partner with when Haptik launched. In fact, some of the Haptik leadership team was at the event supporting the cause, and one of our Advisors was part of the judging panel. They picked 3 winners; apps and concepts that were nowhere close to what Haptik does.

Fast forward to last month – February 2015, and Akosha finally launched their much awaited mobile app. And here’s what it looks like.

Akosha-app Haptik-App

Wait, the similarity doesn’t end there. Check out Akosha’s first Google Play description (they have changed it since):

Akosha App Description
Haptik App Description
Haptik App Description

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. And to everyone at Akosha, we at Haptik are truly humbled that you decided to build a clone to our app, not missing out on a single feature. Ctrl C + Ctrl V for the win.

We love the competition, and may the best man win. But, we think we also deserve the recognition [source]

– Team Haptik

All fair in love and war?

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