Naukri brings Hari sadu back in a gaming avatar [Olympics 2012]


Naukri brings Hari sadu back in a gaming avatar [Olympics 2012]

Hari Sadu, the arrogant and unreasonable boss is back in action with the newly launched Facebook game by

The Facebook game is called ‘The Big Clash’ where users can play Boxing, Archery as well as Shooting with Hari Sadu as the target. These games were chosen keeping in mind India’s representation in London Olympics in similar categories. These three multilevel games have been interestingly named as ‘Knock him out’, ‘Flex the bow’ and ‘Pull the trigger’.naukri_hari_sadu

Each of these games has three levels where the players get to assault Hari Sadu with guns, bows or gloves.  Also, Hari Sadu will not keep taking these hits lying down, and will keep giving befitting replies to every blow, thus adding spunk to the whole exchange.   It allows players to challenge friends from their Facebook friend list and the community. Users can also keep a track of their scores and  ranking vis a vis the other players through a live score board. It has been a developed on a HTML5 platform, thus making it user friendly with all the internet browsers.

What could have added more fun to this game? Well, a customizable Hari Sadu, where you can add your boss’s pic and hit the target!

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