Harvard finds that a leader should have personal agenda for next 3 months to effectively manage her/his time.

*Upfront*: A Harvard Business School study looks at the time-management practices of 27 CEOs. Results suggest that CEOs who have a personal agenda for the next few months are the most effective.
*Background*: Michael Porter, a Professor at Harvard Business School, and Nitin Norhia, dean of HBS, began collecting data in 2006 and have just published an outline of their results in the Harvard Business Review.
Porter and Norhia asked a total of 27 CEOs, whose companies had an average annual revenue of $13.1 billion during the study period, to keep track of their time in 15-minute increments for three consecutive months.
*Gospel*: A CEO needs to have their own personal agenda that they determine is where they want to spend their personal time" for the next three to six months, Porter said. "They can't just react to all the requests" that come in.

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