Hate TV Serials? There is a site for that

Hate TV serials? Well, we all hate them, and are forced to watch them (sounds familiar?).serialhaterslogo

But like most of the other things in life, virtual activism is a way-out and that’s where serialhaters comes to the picture.

Using Facebook Open Graph, SerialHaters has created Like and hate actions and one can like/hate a TV serial, search by serial name, channel, language (supports Hindi and Marathi as of now).

While it sounds like a simple app, the thing I really like about SerialHaters is clear no-nonsense positioning – i.e. instead of saying ‘Let’s review TV serials/Let’s collate social data etc etc’, the site positions itself clearly and appeals to all those who connect with the core messaging – i.e. I hate TV serials!

Ofcourse, the site is meant for those who do not have any control over the remote control.

Maybe, the same concept can be applied to several other categories as well? (like movies/cricket)?


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