Have a look at products that exist only in your wild imagination

Ever thought of products that don’t exist, but you would love to own them?
For e.g. the image (on your right) is of a transparent toaster which allows you to see the bread while it is toasting!
Well, have a sneak into Kancept- You will come across products that don’t exist; but would love to own them!

Be it the portable LED player, or Egg-shaped toilet, or hubless/chainless cycles, Kancept surely gives a body to one’s wild-imagination.

What I really liked about Kancept is that users can vote whether they would buy the product or not. The only missing piece is the price. It would have been great if these guys had a simple AJAX control of price-like functionality.

An experiment like this definitely helps companies in understanding the market very well. I am just curious to know ‘Who are the guys behind it?” Is it a Market Research company (most probably) doing it’s duty (displaying client’s products) or is Kancept born out of sheer love for imagination?
I don’t know. If you have an idea, do let me know.

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