Have Wifi. Will Have some Fon too.

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Have Wifi. Will Have some Fon too.

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Till now, you and I were sharing photos, tags and feeds to grow our social network. But how about sharing the broadband/wifi connection itself?

C’mon Join the party. Lets have Fon.

FON is a Madrid based startup – funded (21 million$) by Google and Skype.

How does FON work?

In order to use the network, all you need to do is to share your wifi/broadband network – so that any other Foner (as they call themselves) can use your network (i.e. the hotspot). And in turn you can use theirs too. And this whole thing is free of cost.

And How do I share my wifi?

Pretty simple. Download their s/w onto your router and get going.

And why should I share my wifi?

For the simple reason that once you are a foner, you will always be a foner. i.e. you can use other FONer’s wifi network while you are traveling (not using your own network)

Few FONny Lingos:

FONero – registed users of Fon are called FONeros.
LINUSes – users who share their WiFi connection in exchange for free access to all other WiFi Hotspots within the FON Community
Bills – users who share their wifi network with non-foners too (and get 50% of revenues charged to non-foners
for accessing the hotspot,FON charges
€3 for a 24 hour connection period)
Aliens – A Non-Foner who has to purchase the FON passes to access the hotspot.

Is FON Legal?

Well, no idea. FON’s site doesn’t have any info on this. Infact, it looks as if FON is trying to dodge this issue.

The Road Ahead?

One of the biggest challenge for FON would be to grow its social network (currently 65000+), and also to tackle the legal issues behind sharing the wifi network.

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