Have you ever thought about why models are expressionless? Know the reason

The easiest way to achieve the “model look” is to smile, raise eyebrows and stop smiling (Those who are on Insta know it became a trend too). – Anurag

Why #models don’t #smile? Why models are #expressionless? This is one of the most confusing things for most of the people who see still ads nowadays. There are so many print ads where models do not smile. Is there a reason for such expressionless photoshoots? 1/n
Such ads look haunting especially when those particular ads are supposed to depict festivity or happiness. From Sabhyasachi to FabIndia, I have seen people pressing this question too often. 2/n
Before I explain the reason, let me clarify I don’t like either brand. I am just taking them as examples are these are among the main culprits. Now coming to the point. Why models don’t smile? Because it’s a distraction. It is the most basic rule of modelling. Don’t smile. 3/n
Those who are trained models, they are told not to smile. The easiest way to achieve the “model look” is to smile, raise eyebrows and stop smiling (Those who are on Insta know it became a trend too). Even if you see a ramp walk, the models will be expressionless. 4/n
There are some contemporary model shows, ads and ramp walk where models are supposed to smile or give expressions at their fullest but that is not the case with print ads. But you feel sad looking at festive ads. No? Right. That is where the ad company has to draw the line. 5/n
In ads where festivities or celebrations are to be projected as part of the theme, IMO ad agencies should come out of their so-called comfort zone of following the basics and do something creative. Not smiling may work in the “elite” section. It does not work for the masses. 6/n
If someone is without expressions in ads where Indians are the prime target for the products, they have to introduce expression, a storyline and some emotions. It won’t work with blank faces. We don’t look at ads with human mannequins. 7/n
This is where ad agencies and brands are lacking. They are trying to target masses but often end up offending them. Tanishq, FabIndia and Sabyasaachi like brands used to be limited to the “elite” section of the society that is anyway expressionless and emotionless. 8/n
Masses in India are not like that. They want to feel the connection. These “elite” brands are still living in their small box and believe the masses would fit in their methodology which is not going to happen. 9/n
To end the thread, I will give a small example. Brands like Quaker came to India with a mission to change food habits of Indians. Now they are selling Idli and Upma mixes even some have shifted to Ready-to-Eat Paranthas. Go figure. — End — n/n