Have you included Crypto-Currencies in your portfolio yet?


Crypto-Currencies have been making noise for sometime now. And leading the pack is Bitcoin; the big daddy of crypto-currencies kingdom. But do you know there are more than 700 crypto-currencies at the time of writing this story? 
With Japan legalising bitcoin, its market capitalisation has gone through the roof to touch $28 Billion. On another front Google backed Ripple recently raised $55 Million from big banks. Where Winklevoss are fighting to get their Bitcoin ETF registered, the real question is now –

Have you included Crypto-Currencies in your portfolio yet?

If yes then good. But if NO, then I will let these graphs do the talking.

Bitcoin rose by more than 40% within a month.
Whereas Ethereum nearly doubled within a month.
Ripple rose by more than 4 times in a month. Therefore if you had invested $1000 in Ripple, you would have $4000+ after a month. Pretty Crazy, right?
Though one could argue that there is a huge amount of systemic risk associated with these crypto-currencies but with high risk comes high returns as is shown by above graphs. I myself made a small fortune by trading in Ripple.
Therefore if one has some risk capital and has the appetite to experiment, crypto-currencies could become a part of your existing portfolio. But keep in mind, crypto-currencies would still classify under highly risky financial instruments therefore invest only when you are ready to lose it all in worst circumstances.

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