Having solar on mind? – Go to Nigeria, instead of India

Nigeria, with an estimated population of around two hundred million, generates remarkably little electricity. On June 9, the country generated 2,572 megawatts (MW), lower than the estimated average daily production of four thousand MW during the 2007–2010 presidency of Umaru Yar’Adua.
National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) PLC—is still referred to by most Nigerians as “Never Expect Power Always, Please Light Candle.” Expensive diesel powered generators routinely provide industry and households with electricity. As Nigerians like to say, “When the generator comes on, the profits fly away.” Owning a small generator that produces enough power for a television, a small refrigerator, and perhaps to charge a cell phone, is a marker of middle class status.
Nigerians frequently mention that their country produces and consumes about as much electricity as Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh—home to less than half a million people.

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