Hawaa Hawaai : A Movie Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

If you are wondering why a movie review on NextBigWhat? Well, that’s because Hawaa Hawaai depicts the mind of a dreamer, an entrepreneur.

Hawaa Hawaai Movie
Hawaa Hawaai Movie

Hawa hawai is the story of Arjun, a poor kid who finds his passion in skating, while serving tea at a local stall.

Right from bootstrapping (the poor kids didn’t have money to buy skates, so they make one out of scrap material) to DIY learning (learns from the coach while serving tea), the movie is well crafted and connects with those who dream a dream.

Directed by Amole Gupte (of Stanley ka dabba fame), the movie has no big star cast to boast of and that’s precisely why it’s also worth a watch – the entire movie revolves around dreams – of the poor kid (played by Partho Gupte, Amol’s son) to the dream of skating teacher (played by Saqib Saleem).

Hawa Hawai is no Milkha Singh fame story (except for the final race drama), but is a great attempt to make a sensible movie that also appeals to the ‘dreamy’ generation of entrepreneurs and achievers. Hawaa Hawaai is all about ordinary people who dare to dream!

For entrepreneurs and doers, Hawaa Hawaai gives you the connect, a hope of a great future!!

After all, kuchh sapne sone nahin dete.

Udne ki koshish mein nikal aayenge par..
Tu kar mat dar.
Angaaron pe chalna hai sahi!

PS: I was disappointed to see the theatre was 50% empty (while Spiderman 2 is running full-steam) and hence this review – apart from showing respect to directors like Amol Gupte who are doing their ‘own gig’ (without worrying about the box office collection), I believe a whole lot of 9-6 job goers need to watch Hawaa Hawaai – just to revisit their dreams!

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