HCL Tech’s #CoolestInterviewerEver or A Complex Attempt to Be Cool?


HCL Tech’s #CoolestInterviewerEver or A Complex Attempt to Be Cool?

HCL Tech has been conducting a series of interviews through Twitter for five job vacancies since February 10th.

The goal is simple, the company posts questions via Twitter, and Tweeples who want to take a shot at making HCL Tech’s 5 jobs “tailor made for the young-at-heart” only have to respond to the answers tagging HCL Tech.

The Jobs Up for Grabs

The company which employs 85000 people, wants to hire for 5 roles. It’s looking for an Ideapreneurship Evangelist, a Big Data Guru, a hacker-in-chief, a digital trotter & someone who will work on women empowerment in the company.

No doubt,  Twitter interviews are fun and fun to read. But is Twitter really the right platform for it, given its complex UX for such a thing? Twitter wasn’t made to conduct mass interviews. It sounds like a great marketing move though. 

And, here’s is why the #CoolestInterviewEver sounds like a marketing gimmick.

1. Scale

On the first day, the company said that over 5,000 people took part in the Twitter interview.

That’s a good thing, but how would HCL Tech manage to round up those who answered right?


It must be a nightmare working behind the scenes to manage this. Apparently, the company is looking at each and every tweet. Or do we have some new “big data tool” which does that?

2. Candidates who blamed the interviewer, and got an apology

This is quite unusual. When a person attends an interview, nobody usually cries fraud. And no one really listens if you do.




3. Fake Accounts & Googling the Answer

It will also be interesting to see how HCL deals with fake profiles. And how they figure out who Googled answers. Most of the questions have answers online, and most like the ones below don’t really even need it.

4. The Questions!

So answers to questions like these are all it takes to get past an interview? Surely there are additional

scale question 1

question 2


5. Most of the Candidates Will Be…“At Home Only”

When applying for a new job, many people don’t want current employers to see. On Twitter, its all there to see.

And finally, the jobs that the selected candidates are hired for only last for a year, they receive up to $75,000, and get access to an HCL leadership mentor.

To be fair, it was executed well. Our takeaway from this? It’s more like sweepstakes than a job interview.

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