HDFC Bank Launches Its App For The Apple Watch


HDFC Bank Launches Its App For The Apple Watch

HDFC Bank has launched its banking app for the Apple Watch as it gears up for wearables to become a mainstream technology in the future.

HDFC Apple Watch App

The bank’s Watch Banking initiative looks to showcase its technological prowess and makes it one among the first three banks in the world to build an app for the Apple Watch.

The Watch Banking app will work in unison to HDFC’s mobile banking app on the iPhone and doesn’t require users to install it separately.

What Can The Apple Watch App Do?

HDFC has built in 10 major features into the app and is already planning to add more. They are:

  1. Account Information – Apple Watch users will be able to view their HDFC bank account details, including info about Savings, Current, FD, Demat, Mutual Funds, and Credit Cards.
  2. Recharge Mobile and DTH
  3. Request A/C Statement
  4. Request Cheque Book
  5. Locate Nearest ATM
  6. Locate Nearest Branch
  7. View Discount Offers
  8. Call the Bank
  9. Hotlist Debit Card
  10. View Messages From the Bank

Features that will arrive soon are:

  1. Pay Bills of Pre-Added Billers
  2. Pay Bills through Active Notifications
  3. Get Notified About Offers Based On Location

While the Watch Banking app for the Apple Watch is currently stealing the show, HDFC is actively developing an Android Wear version which it says will be out soon.

Safety has been a major concern while building the HDFC Bank Apple Watch App. The app automatically locks itself when a user takes it off and pairs with one iPhone only.

While not there yet, the wearable industry is all set to grow in the future. However, in a country like India, it isn’t clear if the market is mature enough for expensive smartwatches.

However, there are early adopters of new technologies and HDFC Bank has got them right at the centre of its scope with its Watch Banking initiative.


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