Calling Healthcare Hackers : Hack For Health; Win Mega Prizes

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Calling Healthcare Hackers : Hack For Health; Win Mega Prizes

On September 26th, we are bringing together amazing set of hackers to build useful solutions around healthcare.

The goal of the hackathon is to design and prototype an app that supports the collection and communication of health care data (clinical, consumer and environmental) to enable better-informed clinical decisions, more personalized care, and improve and benefit healthcare services in the country.

You will be writing on the Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform (HSDP) and can use whatever tools and environments you are familiar with (Java, Javascript, PhP, iOS, Windows, Android,etc.) that may help you for this event.

We will give you clinical, consumer (sensor, mood, pain level, etc.) and environmental data to use create a healthcare based app. The goal is to use more than one data type (e.g. clinical and consumer) for your app.

We will have 6 different areas for you to choose from:

1. Elder care (Healthcare at home)

2. Care Coordination (Provider side)

3. Chronic Disease Management

4. Consumer Engagement (Motivation, sustainable, feedback to make a difference)

5. Employee Wellness (Payer Side)

6. Analytics – Solving Data Overload (Dashboards, Visualizations)

We will also have associated personas with canned data. As a team, you will create an app and be able to run it in a sandbox – feel free to think of a wearable to IoT hack!

Hack Your Way To Glory!

First prize gets Rs. 1 Lakh cash prize.

Second prize winners will get an amazing set of Philips products.

Date : September 26th
Venue : Hotel Taj Vivanta, M G Road (Bangalore)
Timing : 8 AM – 6 PM.
More details here.
No entry free (invite only). Apply NOW!
Note that the last date to register for hackathon is Sep 22nd.

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