Healthcare startups : MedReach finds you a doc, Healthians finds health checkups

Healthcare is a recession-proof market. While big corporate healthcare has occupied the branded healthcare space – even beyond the big towns – startups have woken up to to the opportunity and possibilities fairly recently. We keep getting submissions from a bunch of these and have covered many in the past, but are starting to see a larger variety of plays in this space.

Here’s two.

MedReach – Find A Doctor In Your Area (in Chennai)


It seems fairly comprehensive for Chennai and has a wide variety of specialists you can pick from. It’s intuitive to use as well. We did not try making an actual reservation, and a lot will depend on how that’s integrated with the Doctors’ current scheduling mechanisms and how well it’s honoured.

The bigger problem that we see is that there’s little help for you in picking a specific doctor. One goes a lot with recommendations when it comes to selecting a doctor – it’s more important than proximity, for instance, except for emergencies! Social proof or community recommendations, even “hidden” and just from one’s own neighbourhood or contacts, would have helped this a lot. As it stands, there’s little to differentiate this from a local directory service. Most clinics and hospitals do the bookings over the phone in any case, and that’s not a compelling enough reason to use this in itself.

Healthians – Finds The Most Appropriate Health Checkup For You


This is similar, except it let’s you find an appropriate diagnostic service/package rather than a doctor. The use case is a lot more compelling since they solve an information problem about what test you should take, and what’s included and excluded. Of course, many of these tests are usually recommended by doctors, but preventive healthcare is a market that’s growing as people become more aware and manage their health proactively. This is spread wider, across the Northern and to a lesser extent Western markets.

These are basic services that seek to connect you with healthcare service providers, no different from restaurant listings and suchlike. There’s surely many many more opportunities that are integrated deeper with healthcare problems, services and systems. We will continue looking out for the same over the next few months – it’s a space that’s bound to see a fair bit of action.

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