HealthifyMe Raises Funding From InMobi’s Amit Gupta And Other Angel Investors

After raising funding from Micromax, Healthify has raised its second round of funding from angel investors comprising of Gopal Srinivasan (TVS Capital), Sashi Reddi (AppLabs), Amit Gupta (InMobi), Pallav Nadhani (FusionCharts) and Dr Roopa Nath, among others.  healthifyme

Also, HealthifyMe will now establish their global headquarters in Singapore, thus signalling the first step the company makes towards establishing a global footprint.

HealthifyMe intends to use the funds for growth and is planning to hire more than 1,000 nutritionists and fitness trainers. With this funding, HealthifyMe also plans to introduce several low cost plans among other offerings.  These plans will include in-app real-time access to nutritionists or trainers or yoga instructors who work digitally with the user on their personal fitness and weight loss objectives. Users will get diet plans, workout plans, access to an online support community and much more as part of the new structures that will be offered.

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