Up North – Hello Dilli, Gurgaon, Noida and the rest of India


Up North – Hello Dilli, Gurgaon, Noida and the rest of India

Few days back, I shared my frequent visit plans for Delhi and now it’s time to share an update.

I generally tend to get bored out of a place very frequently (hate to stay in the same house/locality for more than a year) and though I enjoyed Bangalore a lot (you actually understand the ‘fun’ part of Bangalore when you move out of the place), it was time to move on and start from scratch (i.e. get out of my own comfort zone).

Even for Pluggd.in, it is time to find newer destinations, meet new people, and cover more interesting tech startups here. Two months in NCR, I have met a good number of angels/startups and things look quite promising here.

What’s amazing about Delhi/NCR?

The angel investment scene. The ‘dhandha’ culture.

There are quite a few rich professionals who are actually willing to take the angel investment bet (now that the scene has improved in India).

Welcome to Delhi
Welcome to Delhi

While Bangalore is mostly about technology, NCR has a strong business culture (and sometimes compromised on technology..more on that later) and it’s no surprise that a lot of angels are in this part of the country.

I will share some of my experience (of ‘Entrepreneurship and Indian Cities’) starting next week, but if you believe that Delhi is not happening (in terms of entrepreneurship), you are mistaken.

It’s just that there are a few clusters that are grossly disconnected (Noida/Gurgaon/Delhi etc) and not a common thread connecting them. Beyond NCR, I will be travelling to some of the other North Indian cities (including universities/colleges) as well and will share my experience.

As far as our Bangalore connection goes, I will keep travelling to the city (and will be seen more in Mumbai/Pune as well]. But in general, if you are a startup in a non-NCR region, Skype is the best communication channel for product demo/discussion [my id: ashish.sinha].

And yeah, thanks Dilli for the ‘warm (super heated)’ welcome! As a first offering, do check out the upcoming Product Strategy Workshop in Delhi [June 26th, 2010] aptly meant for ‘business’ startups who want to bring a sense of product in their company.

As always, sharing my communication details: GTalk/Email: ashish@NextBigWhat.com | Mobile: +91 9560 144 744 | Skype: ashish.sinha | Twitter: @cnha

PS: Today’s Saturday Startup post on me presenting at the Delhi event prompted couple of emails asking if that’s true. Hence this weekend stuff.

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