Hello Student Startups

At Pluggd.in, our focus is on building communities around startups/technology and one of the key community we have been focusing over the last few months has been student startups.

Student Startups

Student startups come in all shapes and sizes – right from products to services and we firmly believe that ‘how to write business plan’ is the last thing a student should be doing (unless its for one’s GMAT/GRE application).

The key is to ‘create something’  – could be a Facebook app to building a design services company. And importantly, building a ‘jugaad’ with respect to sourcing/partnering with biggies.

So calling all student startups : fill up the form (embedded towards the end of this announcement or simply hop to http://www.NextBigWhat.com/students/) and share your creation with the world. We want to give your creation a lot of visibility and importantly, connect you to the startup ecosystem/industry out there. We also request you to share this announcement with your classmates/seniors/juniors.

Note to Pluggd.in readers: We know that you are the advanced ones who just wants to read about great product startups from India – but we strongly suggest you to encourage the student startups we will be profiling on Pluggd.in. Some of the product need not be as polished as one would like to see, but be assured that with a little bit of mentoring (and support), there is a magic in making here.

And of course, we request you to help spread the word and get a LOT of college students (engineering/medical/MBA etc etc) to participate in this series.

– Team Pluggd.in.

Regular readers of Pluggd.in will recall our focus on ‘fortnightly themes’ (like rural India, social entrepreneurship, solar energy etc) and while we took a break from monthly themes in 2011, 2012 is when you will see us doing more interesting stuff with focused themes.

[Our student startup coverage is supported by Lenovo, which has started a great initiative called DoNetwork]


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