Helpless Indian Technopreneurs rescue themselves – Go Social, asap!

Internet is an amazing place. Recently, we were subjected to yet another atrocious decision from an overseas vendor – PayPal – inspired possibly by yet another brain-crushing mind-numbing stupidity-inspiring interference from the regulators of Online payments in India. Possibly, that is. But internet surely has a way. A social paradigm which no other network can match. In that the yield produced in a socially assertive environment not only impacts deeply on the lives of smaller individuals affected in the situation, but also it reveals the flawed and sometimes stupid (lack of international vision, technical capabilities etc.) decision making processes and actions of authorities and leading organizations.

Theoretically speaking, no democratic Government or private agency can flow against the power of social media. Look at the way it happened in US last week with South-West airlines apologizing to Kevin Smith on being pull out of his flight on simply being obese. People screamed in support of Kevin while South-West couldn’t lose on their image more badly. Their brand was at stake.

We experienced social media, similarly when people helped each other to earn their daily bread using when PayPal ditched the Indian customers all of a sudden. If you scroll through some 800+ comments on our coverage on PayPal fiasco, you will find some really proactive individuals (e.g. Rahul Nimawat, Chitra, RajhaRajesuwari, Senso to name a few) who helped out the freelancers to earn their bread/hard-earned money. Kudos guys and gals! Keep that spirit of survival shining.

Social media is yet to mature off completely in India. I mean to say, it’s yet to get over friendship, dating, chatting stuff as covered by our prominent media. And see a shape where defaulting organizations are thrown off-balance and forced into correcting themselves, by way of remaining social. I know a couple of Indian websites such as consumercomplaints which help the Indian customers to speak out in the open. But it doesn’t seem completely social yet.

Besides social information is one great way for Indians to buy into new products cautiously. Always check on complaints from other customers before buying a credit card, insurance policy, Internet connection, telephone connection, or even a house from a builder! Solve your problems socially and help others with your feedback too. Fall in line, and say thanks to internet.


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