With Henry At Your Service, Ecommerce Gets The Much Needed Guided Search

There are two ways to look at any ecommerce site :

A) show/sell what the site has , or

B) understand what customers want and then show/guide them what the site has to offer.

So far, most of the ecommerce companies have taken the first approach, but that often leaves customers with a lot of confusion (translates to low conversion rate)..

Israeli startup Henry At Your Service enables ecommerce companies to help customers make decisions; and improve conversion rate for ecommerce sites. The service helps customers with guided questions and presents results based on the options chosen.

Hello Henry!
Hello Henry!

How Henry At Your Service Works

The integration  is done using javascript (and the service doesn’t need to talk to site’s database to collect product/taxonomy details).

We collect data via sophisticated web crawlers. We don’t use any of the storage volume of the e-commerce sites, rather all the information (catalogs) is stored in our database. [Meir Rosilio, Cofounder]

The service is currently being used in an Israel based ecommerce store and Meir claims that 97% of consumers chose to use Henry and not the regular search. Also, consumers that use Henry spent over 5 Minutes while looking for a product.

For sure, this is a great concept that focuses on customer needs and has a universal appeal. Not that ecommerce sites do not offer advanced search like this (few days back, FinYogi and WebEngage collaborated to launch mobile buying guide), but a guided tool does provide a packaged experience.

As far as monetization model is concerned, the Israeli startup charges on commission done per sale thru’ the service.

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