Here are 10 psychology lessons you must internalize before investing

Choose an environment that brings you peace An environment filled with news and updates may not always be a good thing. – Max Koh

“The Education of a Value Investor” ranks high up as one of my top investing books. But it’s not the only one. Here are 2 more that I frequently revisit. 1. Richer Wiser Happier by @williamgreen72 2. Joys of Compounding by @Gautam__Baid You should read them all!
Recap: 1. Choose inaction 2. Environment matters 3. Don’t invest borrowed $$ 4. Willpower ain’t enough 5. Guard against temptations 6. Turn off the news 7. Look at your role models 8. Upgrade your portfolio 9. Stop looking at prices daily 10. Consume primary information first
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