Here are 11 tactics to win more by doing less


Here are 11 tactics to win more by doing less

I’ve trained 100’s of managers. The 60% who fail make one mistake: They don’t delegate Here are 11 tactics to win more by doing less 🧵
1/ What should you delegate? Everything. Not a joke. You need to design yourself completely out of your old job. Set your sights lower than that & you’ll delegate WAY less than you should. But don’t freak out: Responsibly delegating that much will take months.
2/ Set Expectations w/ Your Boss The biggest wild card when delegating is not your team. It’s your boss. You don’t need to be perfect, you just need to show you’re in control.
3/ Lower Risk, Faster Delegation Not all work carries equal risk: -> Critical: Quality can’t be compromised. Stay close. -> Secondary: Mistakes sting but are not fatal. -> Internal: Fully contained in your environment. -> Side Projects: Your team’s sandbox, let them play.
4/ Set Expectations w/ Yourself Your team will not do it your way. So you have a choice: – Waste a ton of time trying to make them? – Harness their new perspective & enthusiasm to do it better? Different, but better. Remember: 5 people doing 80% as well as you did is 400%.
And be honest with yourself: – If you have to hang onto something -> do it. – If you feel guilty delegating a miserable task -> question it. – If you can’t delegate them anything -> you have a bigger problem.
5/ Delegate for Your Development The only way you’ll grow into a bigger role is by creating space. That’s the carrot every time you find yourself saying: “It’s easier if I just do it myself this one time.”
Your initial delegation prioritization: 1) Anything partially delegated -> Completion achieves clarity. 2) Where you add the least value -> Your grind is their growth. 3) The routine -> Ripe for a runbook or automation.
6/ Delegate for Their Development Now focus on the stretch each employee needs to excel. Easy place to start: ask them how they want to grow. People usually know. And they’ll feel agency over their own mastery. Bonus: Challenge them to find & take that work. Virtuous cycle.
8/ The Mechanics You’ve already: – Defined your goals – Given the resources – Aligned on success Now, start climbing: – Steps over Tasks – Processes over Steps – Responsibilities over Processes – Goals over Responsibilities – Jobs over Goals Each rung is higher leverage.
9/ Watch out for: Delegating & walking away – You need to trust. But you also need to verify. – Metrics & surveys are a good starting point. Micromanaging – That’s your insecurity, not their effort. – Your new job is to enable, motivate & assess the various paths.


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