Here’s a playbook on how to handle 50k email every year

I attribute a lot of my success to being really really good at email – Jesse Pujji

I attribute a lot of my success to being really really good at email. Here’s my playbook for how you can handle 50K+ emails/year without breaking a sweat 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
1/ First, a reframe: WHY do I do it? I view my inbox as opportunity: a deal to close, an amazing candidate to hire or a chance to give a team-member guidance or feedback. I promised myself I’d never be the CEO/Founder who bottlenecks my team. And so I needed to master email.
2/ What I learned is top 1% email skills come down to 3 things: 1) Keyboard shortcuts + the right settings 2) Using the GTD System to “process” each email 3) Writing fewer and shorter emails Let’s start with how to cut down email time from hours to minutes…
7/ If you don’t need to do anything or respond, go ahead and delete the email (shortcut: e for archive instead) If someone else on your team can handle it, forward (f) with a clear request/deadline. Write down that you are waiting for a response or snooze it to a future date.
8/ If an email requires more than 2 minutes to handle, use the shortcut b to snooze it. Pick a time amount you need to do the task/respond and schedule it in your calendar. Group certain tasks together for bigger blocks. Doing it then will break your flow. Last…
9/ For the <2min tasks and responses hit r and handle it. With this approach + shortcuts, I can “process” 50 emails in <15 mins. The most important thing is that I’ve seen each email so I have visibility into my org/day. The last piece of this is actually writing emails…
10/ Here is my approach: – Send less email! (the less you send, the less you get). Can this be a slack/phone call/text/or just sit tight? – Keep it short, 3-6 sentences… if less, its a slack, if more, its a quick call! – Lead with your ask/recommendation (cont’d)
11/ – Avoid yes or no questions – When moving a meeting to “asynch email,” use Notion/Gdocs so your email is still short – Use emojis to signal your emotions – Don’t sweat punctuation or casing – Include deadlines and specific requests – Add the Undo button
12/ Here’s the closing thought: Imagine if there was a tool that allowed you to know everything happening in your company in real time, delegate quickly, organize your time and paceset the organization. There is – it’s called email. All great CEOs I know have mastered it.
13/ TLDR – Top 1% email skills to reach Inbox 0 1) Use keyboard shortcuts, the mouse slows you down 2) Snooze emails that take longer than 2 min and set aside time for them 3) Batch your emails into 3×20-30mins each day 4) Keep your replies clear and concise

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