Here’s your Chance To Play The Cop, Thanks To Bangalore Police [GovTech]

Here is Bangalore police empowering every citizen of the city in a unique way – a chance to be a traffic cop! The PUBLIC EYE initiative which was launched a few months ago allows users to upload traffic violation images from around the city on to the BTIS website or through the Public Eye app.
The initiative works in two simple steps:

  1. Click a picture of the violation that you witness.
  2. Upload it on the BTIS website or through the app.
BTIS Public Eye Website Form
BTIS Public Eye Website Form
BTIS Public Eye App
BTIS Public Eye App
User details are kept confidential. The initiative is not a complete fool proof system, however it is a simple yet powerful one taken by The Bangalore Traffic Police. The mobile app as well as the website also provides the feature to track the proceedings of a complaint filed.
This step of merging technology to maintain the law and empower the citizens is a tremendous move towards people’s engagement in law enforcement.  Bangalore police department is highly active on social media pages like Facebook and twitter. Bangalore police commissioner’s twitter account has high engagement and is quick in dispensing information and responding to queries.
Such instances of police using social media and messaging services have been witnessed in other parts of the country as well. For instance, Delhi police launched Himmat App for women’s safety, Lookup had brought Bangalore police onboard to connect people with the police, Kanpur police launched SOS app, UP Police used twitter to connect with people & Whatsapp to catch criminals.

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