Here’s how to get started in the world of Web3, Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, etc.

Web3 (referred to as “semantic” web) Emphasis on improving on Web2’s limitations. A major transformation in technology infrastructure. Key theme: Decentralization – Malik

Are you new to Web3, Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, etc.? It can all be overwhelming and confusing. Here’s a thread to help you get oriented and started. ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‡
1b. * Web3 (referred to as “semantic” web) Emphasis on improving on Web2’s limitations. Major transformation in technology infrastructure. Key theme: Decentralization
1b-2. * Web3 – technology to enable better communication between users and machines (AI) – focus on user empowerment – โซ trust, security and privacy – decrease power of large centralized organizations – improve 3D visuals and graphics – CONNECT in virtual worlds
2. OK, so how do we get started? STEP 1: Preparation – Be patient and be willing to be a beginner – There is a LOT of information and it’s impossible to take in everything – A NARROW FOCUS is key to start, otherwise you will be overwhelmed out of the gate
3. STEP 2: Learn the terms We “observe” the world in language. So, get familiar with the key distinctions (no need to be an expert). If there was any term above you didn’t understand, do a simple Google search. You might start with a search for Semantic Web!
3a. Examples of terms: – blockchain – cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin – Ethereum – tokens – decentralization My friend @hey_bernie has covered most of these … but there are many other resources available. Learning some of the “basic” terms can help boost your confidence.
4. STEP 3: Diving in Spend a little time to learn about: – NFTs – Crypto – Dapps – DeFi – DAOs – Metaverse Then PICK ONE to start. Any one. Perhaps one that interests you the most.
4c. You can get even more focused by combining one of the Web3 areas with an interest IRL. For eg: – Music NFTs – Healthcare Dapps – Sports and DAOs – Fashion in the Metaverse Take notes as you will invariably come up with new terms that you can then go research. RABBIT HOLE.
6. STEP 4: Share your Knowledge You may write about what you’ve learned or share it with a friend. I talk a LOT about NFTs and Metaverse to my wife and friends, and this helps deepen my learning.
7. The next step will be about taking some action. Web3 is not about getting book smart. Doing will further your knowledge. But, we can leave that for another day as you likely have enough to get started.
8. Final thoughts: – Web3 is about personal agency – So start, dig in and consume available information – There are many people on Twitter who share info on Web3 and willing to help, so connect with them Eg. @MishadaVinci – You may be overwhelmed; take a break and go again
8a. – Your knowledge will develop quickly if you put in the time ๐Ÿ˜Ž – Think about what you want for your life and what interests you – How can Web3 help you to make this happen?
I hope this has been valuable for you. If it has, please share by retweeting the first tweet. I too am on this journey and continue to learn. Any questions, hit reply or send me a DM. Let’s connect and learn and grow together. ๐Ÿงก Thank you.

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