Hero Lectro Electric Cycle Review: Everything you should know !

I travel around 10 kms every day and lately, I have started using my cycle for commuting. Like you, I love cycling and given my sedentary lifestyle, I think cycling…

I travel around 10 kms every day and lately, I have started using my cycle for commuting. Like you, I love cycling and given my sedentary lifestyle, I think cycling is probably the best daily exercise for me.

But then, the one big challenge for me personally is cycling leads to sweating and that is a big NO-NO (unless you have a hidden desire to kill people around you!).

Lectro Bike Pedal Options
Lectro Bike Pedal Options

And this is where Hero Cycles’ Lectro comes into the picture. It is an electric bike which, so far is the lightest in its category (19 kgs as opposed to 30+ for most of the other bikes) and here is what I have loved about the bike so far:

  1. Works as a normal bike with support of 7 gears. A very basic feature if you ask me, but here is the thing : many of the other electric bikes which I evaluated did not support gears. So either you carry that 30Kgs of beast with your or you use electric option. Lectro comes with Shimano 7-gears and shifters which is damn good for city commuting.

  2. The battery is inside the frame, i.e. Inbuilt in Battery Down Tube. Most of the other bikes have battery placed outside the frame and that makes me a bit uncomfortable (yes. I personally don’t want everybody to be playing with the bike when it is parked). If you want to show-off, you should probably go for other bikes which are explicitly shouting ‘hey! This is cool bike. Play and break it’.

  3. It is damn easy and effortless. The best part about Lectro is that it makes cycling a default option for me. I have been using the bike for the last 10 days and this has become my commuting option for all my meetings within 4-5 kms radius. Personally speaking, my usage of my Enfield is down drastically !

Lectro Bike Charging Point
Lectro Bike Charging Point

What are the different options? Lectro runs in 4 different modes :

  1. The normal Pedal mode

  2. Pedalec mode (i.e. pedal + electricity, ie. battery activates once you pedal)

  3. Throttle mode : that is just like a scooter – twist and go.

  4. Walk mode : that is, you run on a constant mode.

Price of Lectro Electric Cycles in India

The price is Rs. 27,000 and if you buy the basic accessories, it will be close to Rs 28,500/29000.

What about accessories?

Except for mudguards, bottle holder and the bell, you get pretty much all the basic accessories included. For e.g. the rear reflector, front light comes along.

The battery life?

Hero claims that you will get around 30 Kms in one charge. While I haven’t measured it perfectly, my observation is that you get around 22-25 Kms in one charge. So not too bad.

On an average, it took me around 4 hours to charge from zero to full.

Important to know that this is a lithium battery with a lifetime of around 500 charges or 3 years, whichever is earlier.

And now, the most important question: Who is this for? I am not sure if this is for the die-hard cyclists who ride on highways because there are only 7 gears.

To me, this is an ideal option for people who love to cycle and want to commute on a daily basis without the hassle of sweating / getting too tired. You got questions? Please feel free to comment on the video and I will reply soon !

Watch the detailed review of Hero Electric Cycle, Lectro

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