HiBack : When Tinder meets Vine

When Tinder meets Vine

Comments (8)

  1. how is the response coming Melani ?

  2. Our app may be the solution of this problem 😉

    Melani D.
    HiBack Team

  3. The fun of secrecy? The biggest problem with dating sites is the amount of fake profiles or using old and irrelevant pictures.

  4. Ahah thanks, this is the aim 😉

    Kiss & <3

    Melani D
    HiBack Team

  5. This is perfect 😀
    now I don’t need to worry about fakes out there 😛

  6. 🙂

  7. Hi Ashish,

    Depending on what you’re looking for. In our opinion, when you wanna meet someone real, secrecy is really irrelevant. 😉
    Kiss & <3

    Melani D.
    HiBack Team

  8. ashish

    Won’t it take away the fun of secrecy?

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