The List: 2011’s High Flying Indian Technology Startups

Table of Contents Hide FlipkartSnapdealInMobiredBusTringMeEkoDruvaaVaatsalya HealthcareWay2SMSKomliVisualWebsiteOptimizer After 2011’s Most Promising Technology Startups from India list, the team is proud to share its list of technology companies who are no-more-startups…

After 2011’s Most Promising Technology Startups from India list, the team is proud to share its list of technology companies who are no-more-startups and have fundamentally created an industry, a differentiated product. 2011 saw a lot of action by these companies and key parameters that have gone into making this list  are :  the ability to flip a model, take dramatically HUGE leaps (and hoping that you won’t fall) and importantly, the speed of execution (against the will of government bureaucracy/challenges etc).



In no particular order, here is the list of high flying technology businesses (that are not startups anymore):



From a modest start to reaching where it is, Flipkart is a story of ambition, smart moves and to an extent, focusing on getting basics right (i.e. focus on logistics/delivery vis-à-vis just UI, which a lot of ecomm startups focus on). Founders have taken 360 degree approach to building business and have focused on building trust among the masses (with the ever cool TV ads).

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It won’t be wrong to say that Snapdeal started the concept of dotcoms advertising on TV. It’s quite surprising to know that Snapdeal is only 2 years old (though the founding company has been around for few years) and is now moving into the turf of Flipkart etc (i.e. product business).



Boom! There goes an Indian startup that redefines boundary. Nothing further to add – you should watch the InMobi story video for more.



Slow and Steady builds a great company. The bus ticketing service stands for focusing on a niche and growing it up.



TringMe is your one stop solution for making calls, sending SMS and scheduling conferences from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. You can use TringMe’s web-based phone, install it on your mobile or use it from your instant messenger like Gtalk.

One of the few global technology startups from India which created a lot of buzz by simply owing to the focus on technology (and only technology).



Eko is building a low cost financial services infrastructure to increase the reach of financial institutions to the un-banked and to democratize financial services for the un-banked in urban as well as rural areas: powered by innovation and technology.

Eko is leveraging existing distribution networks, existing behaviour and interaction mechanisms to ensure barriers for adoption are very low. The endeavour is to build a rapidly scalable model by addressing the challenges of the existing models and by using mobile technology to help bring down significantly the network cost.



Cracking global customers, Druvaa offers advanced data protection solutions for organizations, Druva has taken a focused, differentiated, forward-thinking approach to the market’s needs and is not encumbered by “legacy” systems that were not designed for these types of devices in mind.

Vaatsalya Healthcare


Vaatsalya provides affordable healthcare services to thousands of families across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh through its chain of hospitals. The company has used technology to its fullest in order to bring the change.



The only consumer Indian brand in Google’s top searches for 2011, Way2SMS is ruling the PC to mobile messaging segment with nearly 80% market share.



Ad network, Komli is playing a much bigger game with focus on APAC market and importantly, growing inorganically.  The company’s vision is to become Asia Pacific’s leading digital media network platform enabling advertisers and marketers across the region to communicate with their audiences and helping publishers to grow their revenues with better optimization and campaign planning.



Visual Website Optimizer is an easy to use A/B testing tool featuring point-and-click test designer and WYSIWYG editor for creating variations.

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer) is still a startup but has grown substantially in traction (and revenue). If you have to learn the art of outward-focused inbound marketing, learn from VWO team and how they cracked the global brands like Hyundai etc.


Update: We removed the term SME from the post, as it was leading to a confusion esp. with the ‘theoretical’ definition of SME vs. the one we were portraying (i.e. stage next to startup, but not yet a BIG enterprise).

What’s your take on our list? Any name that we missed out on? Please share/recommend.

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