The High-Flying Indian Startups: NextBigWhat of 2014

Indian Startups

The High-Flying Indian Startups: NextBigWhat of 2014

We’d shared the list of 100+ promising Indian startups earlier. While we expect a good number of these startups to make it big in 2014, here are a few startups who are already on a high growth path.

Some of them are probably heading straight to join India’s Billion Dollar club and some, are although low on the revenue part, but are high on IP and sales focus.

We’ve excluded companies like Flipkart, QuickHeal, Eka Software, iYogi or Bharatmatrimony from this list as they’ve passed through this stage already.

Highflying Startups


Thanks to founding team’s prior experience selling SaaS, Freshdesk has gained a lot of momentum in a short span of time. The company, which recently raised $7 mn from Accel Partners, was founded in 2010 by Girish Mathrubootham and Shan Krishnaswamy. It’s customer support tool, is now used by thousands of small and medium businesses across the world. [Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs : Learn the art of ‘Chance pe Dance’. Plus, product packaging is totally underestimated.


Capillary, a customer management software company, founded by Krishna Mehra, Aneesh Reddy and Ajay Modani in 2008 won $100,000 in the Qprize in 2009. The company now employs more than 200 people and works with over 150 big brands across the world. It works across 4 geographies. [Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs : Growth is a mindset.


The restaurant listing service is now one of the fastest growing startups in the country. Founded in 2008, by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah, the company has now expanded to 11 countries with more than 180700 restaurant listings, serving over 132 million foodies. The company raised a total of $53 mn from investors and is now taking on incumbents like Yelp in their turf.  [Tweet This]

Lessons for Entrepreneurs : Geography is History.


Olacabs was one of the early movers in the online taxi aggregation space. The company now one of the largest cab aggregators with over 6500 cars in 5 cities. The online cab booking service, raised Series B funding from Tiger Global and Matrix Partners in November and has plans to expand to other cities.[Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs : Tech can help scale offline components.


This fast moving company was officially launched in 2010. It combined mobile recharging with couponing and spinned a multi crore business out of it. Freecharge raised Rs 20 cr from Sequoia last year. Kunal Shah, its founder, stepped down from being the CEO of the company and appointed former redBus COO Alok Goel to take his place. [Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs : There is a BIG market beyond the tech/startup echochamber. Plus, don’t underestimate the power of freebies!


The company, founded in 2009 as a blog, has trained over 75,000 professionals. Within a few months of starting a blog, Krishna Kumar, the founder, realised the business potential and turned his attention to scaling the company. Simplilearn recently raised $10 mn from Helion Venture Partners and Kalaari Capital. The company is looking to clock Rs 100 cr in revenues this financial year!

Lesson for Entrepreneurs: Never underestimate the power of small things. Even a blog. [Tweet This]


Amagi is a technology company that has disrupted the TV advertising business in India. The solution lets you buy spots on premium National TV channels that will be played only in your city – i.e. has localized TV advertising using its cloud based service. It raised little over $5.5 million from Mayfield Fund and existing investors including ex Infosys co founder N.S Raghavan and Anand Nadathur.[Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs: You don’t need an industry experience to disrupt an industry (read : Amagi Story)


Bangalore based Zipdial is targeting a million dollars in revenues this year. The mobile based marketing solutions company is one of the highly visible startups in India. Under the hood, it has also been executing well. Zipdial raised money from Jungle Ventures and a few others in different rounds.[Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs: It’s not about the idea alone. It’s about finding (and selling) use-cases.


WebEngage is very close to hitting a milestone in its startup journey. We’ll wait for them to talk more about it. But the company has been on a selling spree. WebEngage quickly pivoted from an idea that wasn’t working for them to become a customer feedback product that you’d probably see on many websites today.[Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs: Sales is Good. Sales is NOT Evil.


A bootstrapped startup, Wingify (VisualWebsiteOptimizer) is among India’s finest global products. The startup, which sells an A/B testing tool, has acquired over 3000+ paying customers and is clocking over $7 mn in revenues. [Tweet This]

Lesson for Entrepreneurs : Excuses is for losers.

Read : VisualWebsiteOptimizer Story

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