Hike 4.0 adds 5000 more stickers along with real time suggestions

Hike has just announced more than 5000 ‘free stickers’ in over 30 languages to make messaging a fun visual experience, making it the largest repository of local Indian stickers amongst any messaging app.

The update featured in Hike 4.0 will recommend the perfect sticker for every moment based on what the users type. The sticker packs has colloquial expressions, playful slangs, movie dialogues, popular expressions used in social occasions, greetings, wishes and much more emotions.

Furthermore, hike has optimized the feature to support 2G– making it data efficient, an attractive proposition for consumers across the country.

“Messaging is undergoing a profound transformation…. Stickers are a big hit with users and it’s becoming clear that it’s hard to go back to simple text once you’ve witnessed the deep emotion offered by stickers,” says  Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder and CEO, Hike Messenger.

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