Hike launches hike 5.0; Design Updates..But

Hike has launched Hike 5.0 and has totally revamped the design.

You can now bring your own app themes, write stories, use hike wallet for free money transfer, blue packets to send to friends (don’t worry – if you aren’t the cool young user of hike, you probably won’t get it).
And of course, the app is now 25 MB in size (more details here).

But (question from Ashish):
What does hike stand for? A ‘general messaging app’ ? Integrated with payments? What happened to the games and other features hike was working on? We have asked this earlier (when they announced the new change in positioning) and the question still remains:
What’s the core of hike? How would hike product team explain hike to a random visitor? The hike homepage clearly does NO justice to this answer (says “India’s first homegrown messaging app. We are building products with the aim of simplifying the internet to bring India online).
What does hike mean to you?

  1. There has been changes and new brought up hike but it still struggling with WhatsApp to compete with it

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