The curious case of Hike messenger (“do people really use it?”)

“Who uses Hike” is the most frequently asked question by several founders when it comes to discussing Hike messenger’s data/growth.
In the early days, Hike did growth hack using ‘free SMS’ feature, but here are some data points on Hike’s download/engagement that are quite interesting.

Hike : Download data.

Hike App's download data
Hike App’s download data

Hike recorded 1.8 mn downloads in Jan, 1.3 million in Feb and 1.6 mn in March.

Hike’s MAU

Hike App's MAU data
Hike App’s MAU data

What about user sessions?

MonthAvg Session/UserAvg Session DurationAvg Time/User
Jan2531 min4 hr 26 min
Feb2421 min4 hr 2 min
Mar2511.1 min4 hr 16 min

What makes hike tick? Sure – a lot of people downloaded it for free SMS service, but clearly the product has a hook for frequent usage.
Is it driven by some of the clever features like file sharing, secret chats?
What if Hike launches payment (P2P) service before WhatsApp does it in India?
Data source: appannie.

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