Startup Roundup: Hike Ezee, Guppit, GroupShoppy

Besides the startups we profiled in detail earlier, here are some that caught our attention. Plan your next travel itinerary for your Indian holiday at Hike Ezee. Browse through Guppit for some cashback offers and deals. Visit GroupShoppy and go group shopping with your friends online.

Hike Ezee

hike ezeeTravel planning and research is a very painstaking task, especially due to lack of credible information on the Internet. As a result, during the planning process you end up postponing trips or copying a friends itinerary. Hike Ezee is an online travel portal for India, that can help you try solve this issues. The site has a planning and recommendation service to help you plan a trip. You can figure out logistics, scout for great deals and track your budget among many things.

On the portal you can explore destinations in India by region, activity, offers or by address. The destinations are detailed with their history, attractions and activities along with pictures. Once you are done searching destinations, the site will allow you to plan your trip for a weekend, or by adventure activity, region or build upon existing plans. The next time you plan a trip in India, do give Hike Ezee a try.


guppitGuppit is a social discovery cum affiliate advertising platform that enable users to share or discover interesting content with others of similar interest. During the process users can earn rewards through a multi-level affiliate advertising that cover various channels like SMS, Email, and Display Ads. Whenever a user visits any site for which the service offers cashbacks, coupons or deals, it informs the user using a notification about the offers available on that site. Alternatively users can also browse through various coupons and deals through the Guppit website as well.

To start using this service all a user need to do is download the Guppit browser plugin and install it. The plugin will appear at the top right corner of the browser and now whenever the user visits an e-store a deal notification will pop up at the bottom right of the screen. They can now click on the plugin button to view a drop down list of deals or discount coupons and click on the options on the list to activate the deal or coupon code.


Group ShoppyGroupShoppy is an ecommerce store that allows users to collaborate with others while shopping online, making the experience social. Users can start or join shopping sessions along with their friends and then browse through the site together. This allows all users in a session to collaborate while visiting stores, products. Users can also temporarily choose to visit another store or product or add another product of their own choice during this. During the collaborative shopping experience, each user will also know what other users in the session are doing.

Shoppers will also have access to other features like GroupShoppy GroupBuy and GroupShoppy PartPay when they buy merchandise on the portal together with others. The portal deals with product categories that include apparel, accessories, kitchenware, stationery, footwear and gifts amongst others. The store can be searched for products via product tags or the categories. The next time you want to go shopping with someone give the store a spin.

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