Hike Messenger Hits 20 Mn Users, Offers 100 MB File Transfer and Hidden Mode

Indian Instant Messaging Service Hike Messenger now has 20 million registered users. The service allows users to send any file of about 100 MB each and also features a hidden private chat mode.

While WhatsApp and Facebook are working aggressively to get their app on every smartphone, Indian Instant Messaging service, Hike reached a new milestone by crossing 20 million users* mark. And interestingly, 5 million of those users have joined in last three months — after WhatsApp’s 19-billion dollar acquisition.


Hike Messenger, which was launched in 2012, crossed 15 million registered users in February, clocking a 10x growth in user base. A month later, Hike raised $14mn from Bharti SoftBank.

To lure in more customers, the IM service has launched several unique features like ‘Hidden Mode’ to keep users’ private chats invisible from other users.

Also, recently, the service introduced ‘Big File Transfer’ feature that allows users to transfer any file format up to 100 MB each. (It’s 100MB, and not 100GB as reported by Hindustan Times).  This is rather a very handy feature that many users might find useful, since most email providers limit the size of files attachment to 20MB. Also, interesting since none of the competitive service — WhatsApp, Viber, Line allow the transfer of non-media files.

Around 90% of the Hike users are from India, and among those 80% are under the age of 25. Kavin Bharti Mittal said that they are aiming for the 100M active mobile internet users that are in India. The app is available across all the popular mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, S40, S60 and Nokia X.

However, there is one more thing that we wish Hike Messenger introduced very soon. And that is voice calling feature. In a country as large as India, voice calling feature could give it an edge over others and it should get it very soon, since WhatsApp is reportedly introducing that feature later this year, and Facebook Messenger and several other popular IM services sport calling functionality.

* Hike counts all registered users (these aren’t monthly active users).

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