Hike Messenger has posted a loss of Rs. 399.58 crore in FY18.

The company reported a revenue of Rs. 39.64 crore, thanks to mutual funds sale.

Hike’s total income increased 22% to Rs 39.6 crore in FY18 from Rs 32.8 crore in FY17. In FY18, the company’s revenue from operations stood at Rs 50.8 lakh, while other income was Rs 39 crore. However in FY17, the messaging app’s revenue from operations was nil, while other income stood at Rs 32.8 crore (via).

hike messenger’s trends report.

The question here is very simple: What does Hike wants to be? The product positioning is still unclear – so is the product portfolio.

What do you think hike has gotten right so far in the journey?

Forget Hike, what do you want to be? A product-led growth business or money-bleeding business with unclear direction?


Hello World.

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