HikeEzee Takes the Pain out of Trip Planning With Great Content

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HikeEzee Takes the Pain out of Trip Planning With Great Content

It’s usually one meticulous person in the group who plans for everyone on a trip. Or sometimes a travel agent does that for you. That leaves the rest of us lazy folks to worry about other things– like how does one corner the best room for oneself.

HikeEzee, a new trip planning portal, wants to replace that meticulous dude and be your trip planner. We gave it a spin and found it simple and easy to use. And it has some really useful information for travelers as well.

Say you are planning to go somewhere. You need to select your origin, and destination. Type of travel, trip, mode of transport and select your journey dates.


HikeEzee takes you to a new page where all the visit worthy locations are neatly displayed. The data you get has been collected by HikeEzee’s explorers so its really useful and comprehensive. You get to pick the locations you want to and add it to your trip.

Then you ask HikeEzee to plan the trip. In a few seconds, based on your choices, the site throws up a neat itinerary for you.

It figures out places for you to stay (if it’s in their database), transportation to use, and even lets you book some of these. You can also get a neat map based view that shows the route you’ll be taking. It also shows you an estimate of the cost you are likely to incur.

You can book the entire trip by leaving your contact details with HikeEzee and someone will get in touch with you to do the booking for you. Soon you will be able to book the whole trip, on the site itself, the company says.

It could use a few fixes, but otherwise it’s a nifty service which will save you a lot of time and calls. What we love about it is detailed information it gives about destinations (mostly around South India). One can also view destinations according to proximity to your route and ratings.

What we would love to see is the ability to share the trip with others and also take a print out of your itinerary.

Trip planning is a bit of a crowded space where no one really has taken a lead. For instance, there is Tripigator, the iXiGo trip planer, Traverik, mobile app Trip38, TripTern and Holidayen to name a few.

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