Hike’s Change in Product Positioning : Will it matter?

Hike has laid off many from its Bangalore office, but the most important thing to know is that Hike is now shifting its positioning from ‘social network’ to ‘social+content discovery’.
Here is a short summary (from their official announcement).

2017: We evolved hike into a social platform and explored tremendously in multiple new directions
2018: Hike is social content platform focused on privacy, expression and bite-sized content. A place where you can privately chat with friends and also consume snackable content that you love.

That’s hike, that’s our Core and that’s going to be our focus in 2018—Social & Content. This means we’re going to say no to some good ideas to focus on the great ones. We’re going to undo some of our experiments away from the Core to bring more focus and much needed simplicity to the product. With this clarity also comes streamlined execution and you’ll immediately see that reflect in the product as well. [Kavin]

What is Hike’s core?

Hike has been doing its own ‘newsinshorts’ for few years, but is new positioning a signal that the team has hit the social wall; and needs something else for engagement?
Quick qn to Hike’s product teams:

  1. Is this just about your ‘own snackable content’ – i.e. you are shifting from a platform to a media business. In that case, why don’t you roll out your posts to the world (instead of restricting to hike users)/
  2. Or is it about more content discovery from other publishers? If that’s the case, then where is ‘Share on hike’ button?

What exactly is ‘content and social’ version of hike? Doing a mix of Sharechat and Inshorts, in the name of Bharat market?
A Yahoo in making?


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