Himachal Pradesh drafts EV policy proposing 100% EV transition by 2030

The Himachal Pradesh electric vehicle policy 2019 draft aims to establish the state as a model state for EV adoption in India. The policy also envisions a 100% transition to EV by 2030 in alignment with the United Nations sustainable goals.

The policy aims at setting up charging spots in public places including hotels and malls and talks about creating a viable business model for setting up private charging stations and infrastructure.

Earlier, Tamil Nadu also announced its EV policy aiming to attract an investment of Rs. 50K crores.

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Electric cars could be charged in 10 minutes in the future

Researchers at The Pennsylvania State University have claimed a breakthrough that could resolve the key concerns of range anxiety and recharge time – 10 minutes of charging for 200 miles (320 km approx.). Published in the journal Joule, the researches say that charging at this speed requires the vehicle to take in 400 kilowatts of energy at a rapid pace. The current technology is constrained in this aspect as this may cause lithium plating, the build up of metallic lithium around the anode, degrading battery life. To pull this off, the researchers would raise the temperature of the experimental battery to 60 degrees celsius during the charge cycle, and reduce it gradually as it was used. Scaling up the design and ensuring safety during the temperature elevation as well as the large amounts of energy transfer may take up to a decade, according to experts.