How leaky is my bucket? An Exclusive workshop for #GrowthMarketers by Himanshu, VP of Product @Gradeup #GrowthTalkies

A common problem faced by growth marketeers is optimizing deliverability alongside churn on various CRM channels like Push notification, web push and emails.

Since the users being added at top of the funnel via marketing/organic sources may be bursty, this can shake up the the no of tokens being delivered and thereby the deliverability via these channels. Along with impact on deliverability, you can get marked as spammy for these channels for ‘a larger percentage of these burst users that come in’.

The fun variation of leaky bucket (also used in areas like traffic shaping in computer networks ) can be transformed into an efficient working model that helps smoothen the flow of users to understand and manage deliverability and churn by looking at balancing them both.

An extremely actionable workshop by Himanshu Garg, VP of Growth @Gradeup.

Topic: How leaky is my bucket? #GrowthMarketing
Date: Sep 26th | 5 PM
Ideal for: Founders, Product Leaders and Growth Marketers

GrowthTalkies is a joint initiative by WebEngage and NextBigWhat to help founders and ProductGeeks grow sustainably.

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