Hindustan Times Goes Crowdsourcing for Ideas

Hindustan Times has launched talktoHT portal (powered by Yousuggest.us) that enables them to collect ideas/feedback from readers.

On the lines of Dell’s IdeaStorm, the portal lets you add ideas/vote for other’s ideas and discuss with other readers.

There are a couple of good ideas that have been suggested by HT readers (like why no RSS link on the homepage, why no women moderators, and suggestions on how HT should use Twitter properly etc).

The most important step in this entire exercise is the last part, i.e. Watch Action – and will chart the course of this initiative!

If HT doesn’t listens to it’s readers (and pay just a lip-service to this initiative), it will surely fail (you actually need a community management strategy to make this successful)

Indian media sites, in general haven’t embraced the concept of web2.0– i.e. collaboration/harnessing collective intelligence/conversations etc, but initiatives like these are a welcome change.

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