Hiring An Intern, A Legal Perspective [Whiteboard Friday]

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Hiring An Intern, A Legal Perspective [Whiteboard Friday]

Almost every company hire interns. They provide a great way of identifying talent, luring them, handling temporary work loads, save costs, propagating company culture and values among upcoming generations etc. The Law, however, recognises a certain set of people only as Interns and extends facilities to promote their hiring. It also offers relaxations on multiple taxes and compliances.
In this episode of eLagaan Whiteboard Friday, the eLagaan team talks what set of people can only be treated as Intern from legal perspective. You are free to designate anyone as Intern in your company, but then the relaxations and advantages extended by Law cannot be applied on these cases. It also covers, what steps you should follow to permanently hire allowed Interns in your company.

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