Hiring Community Manager

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NextBigWhat is hiring a community manager – to scale up our community and marketing efforts.

Communities are at the heart of each and every activity of ours (for e.g. take a look at Huddle).

We aren’t very hung-up on location (you can work from anywhere) – but what we need is somebody who has a deep interest in startups/product companies, is a fast learner and is super disciplined.

This is how a day in the life of NextBigWhat community manager would look like:

  • Work with the team in coming up with list of speakers for UnPluggd conf and Season 2 of Huddle (and more such community initiatives)
  • Reach out to speakers, engage with them (a great opportunity given the quality of speakers we bring to our conferences/meetups/huddles).
  • Engage with ProductGeeks community – be the single point of contact for the community.
  • Manage the community interaction – be the champ (you have our full support).
  • Share relevant community updates (like conf speaker announcements) on social media
  • Engage with the community / Answer their questions if any
  • Working knowledge of WordPress is highly preferred.
  • You should be great at writing conversational emails and content.
  • Entrepreneurial, Disciplined and Committed (we will not micro-manage you..ever)
  • Have fun – stay positive and happy!

This, we promise you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, wherein you get to interact with some of the brightest and famous global product / growth minds.