How Simplilearn Hired Hundreds of People in a Few Months [Video]

The last couple of days, we’ve been sharing parts of our interview with Krishna Kumar, the founder & CEO of Simplilearn, a company which grew from a part time blog to a Rs 100 cr business in a short period. After raising venture capital and moving into a new office, Kumar has been busy hiring new people in the last few months. In the final part of the video, he shares his experience with hiring, fundraising and scaling.

Some hiring are good some are bad. Attracting people to a startup is a big challenge. Also startups don’t have too much time to invest on hiring, hence looking at good pedigree and skill sets of candidates helps, says Kumar. “If you are a startup try and avoid hiring from an established companies instead prefer for a candidate with a startup experience,” he said.

In a typical startup scenario employees need to be able to handle chaos, they need to be able do things end to end. Startups grow fast and the employees you hire also need to be able to keep up with the growth phase.

Fundraising can help in building credibility in the market. It can also help in benchmarking your company, improve association and get better insights on company operations. At times when you try to raise funds, you end up with lesser options instead raising funds when are really not in need of it can provide you with better deals.

Simplilearn  is also currently in the lookout to acquire  other companies with a good catalog of self learning content.

Watch the entire interview here.

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