Recruiters, Find the Right Guy for the Right Job With NextCubicle

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Recruiters, Find the Right Guy for the Right Job With NextCubicle

What is the biggest problem with hiring? For recruiters, it is resume overload and for job seekers, it is applying for the right job. Mumbai based startup NextCubicle wants to make all the trouble go away with its solution.

Nextcubicle logoCurrent job portals rely on resumes and keywords to throw up search results for recruiters. Nextcubicle has taken a different approach. It sends the candidate through a domain intelligence questionnaire for each role and assigns a best fit score which is used to make searches relevant for recruiters and job seekers.

Signup is easy for job seekers. But you need to fill up a rather longish and fairly detailed form, which could be well worth the effort if it finds you the right job. The platform is mostly for entry to mid level jobs. At the recruiters end, the shortlisting is already done (remember the longish form that was filled up?). Surely, it helps to talk to the right talent.


For Employers

Most job search engines work on keywords and throws thousands of resumes without any relevancy order. Recruiter need to screen resumes manually and as they support multiple departments, it becomes difficult to understand the role characteristics of available vacancies in detail.

To resolve this issue the service prepares a role specific questionnaire to gather role characteristics and general hiring manager preferences across industry. Then recruiters can delegate request to hiring manager to answer the questionnaire for requirement gathering. Once the questionnaire is filled, the platform will shortlist candidates with Best Fit score based on various criteria like experience, salary, domains, technical and nontechnical aspects. This saves them some effort as recruiters don’t need to screen thousands of resumes, as the portal will list out the most relevant candidate with Best Fit score.

For Jobseekers

Keyword based job based search engines usually flood your inbox with irrelevant jobs listings. Going through them manually to filter our good listings is a tedious process. To help solve this problem the role specific questionnaire filled by you will help the service better understand what you have done and you are good at. The service will then automatically shortlist the jobs and display the ‘Best Fit’ score to help you decide which jobs to apply for.


The company doesn’t have any paying customers yet but its a tad too early to look for them. The freshly launched site has over 120 registered job seekers. The idea is to get headhunters to pay for the solution. Currently, the bootstrapped startup is focused on the IT and software industry.

With many startups focussing on social hiring, this seems like a different approach to the age old problem. The lull in the job market, especially in the IT sector, could cut both ways for the startup. For instance, recruiters may not want to try new things at a time like this. But then again, it could be a good time to show some real savings on hiring costs and effort which will probably be the best way to convince a recruiter. Also, important to remember that companies like Naukri, still have a large feet on the street sales team as a purely SaaS based model is hard to pull of in India.

Startups like HireRabbit, Whistle Talk, My Parichay and Hire Plug (now shut) have been trying to use social media to make hiring easier and better. Then there are hiring solutions like Zalp, that plug into the recruiters hiring software and makes referrals easier.

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