Hiring? Well, Human Candidates feel AI is less biased than humans recruiters!


Hiring? Well, Human Candidates feel AI is less biased than humans recruiters!

There was always this big elephant in the recruiter’s room which everyone saw, but never admitted.

Whenever we go for an interview, before praying for our success; we hope for a miracle, that one familiar name or one familiar surname who could spray some ‘kindness’ on our candidature; not because for what we are, but for specially, what we are ‘not’.

Competence has been always at the mercy of prejudices and biases. And more often than not, it has been a victim. some would even say, usually, it has been a victim.

In a country where ideologies and identities are deep rooted in centuries old dogmas of castes and religions, to believe that recruiters step into the interview room, after keeping those outside on the doormat would be living in a fool’s Paradise, even for the most competent and best of HR heads. If prejudices and biases could have been so easily step aside at will, the world would have been a heaven, and this article would never have got published.

The truth in fact is, biases and prejudices, overpower everything else; logic, reasoning and competence. And till now, there was ‘no mercy’.

Thankfully, AI is coming to rescue the competent.

Starting with screening and scheduling candidate, AI is now getting involved in selecting, interviewing and on-boarding candidates.

And along with the talent acquisition professional, the most happy are the candidates themselves.

According to a recent Montage Research report on the state of AI in talent acquisition, some 44% of jobs candidates said they had experienced discrimination in the hiring process. Among those who said they had experienced discrimination, though, 56% said they believe AI could be less biased than human recruiters, the report said.

Though it would take some time to propagate, because giving up biases may tend to feel like losing long held super-power for some, but in distant future, most of us can proudly proclaim “In competency, we trust!”, thanks to AI.

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