Hit Refresh Review: A refreshing story on the new new Microsoft

I just finished reading Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh and if you want a short review of the book, let me just tell you this: go grab a copy.
The book is Satya Nadella’s perspective on the old Microsoft, the in-between changes (and the big deals like Nokia acquisition) to the new face of Microsoft (winning the cloud battle).
But before that, you should take a look at this picture (which Satya does mention about the org culture at Microsoft).

If you have worked for big corporates / interacted with them, you will appreciate the beauty of this pic and this was a true representation of culture @Microsoft (ps: Ditto for my last employer, Yahoo).
Satya Nadella, in his book ‘Hit Refresh’ goes a bit candid about the cultural issues that existed in Microsoft to his personal life (importantly, the importance of ’empathy’ in a nerd’s life) to many decisions that went wrong as well as right at Microsoft.
Been an active observer, I definitely think that the book does a great job of story telling – especially by a man who is still in the trenches (and not leading a retired life). Plus, he is the new breed of non-founding CEOs who are achieving new successes and is always a great idea to get perspective in this context.
This isn’t really an autobiography, nor a book about tech advancements and neither a book on business strategy. Hit Refresh is a mix of all of the above and is a good read, if you want to read about the inner workings of Microsoft and how the company bounced back after losing the search and mobile war.

Hit Refresh: Book Review
Hit Refresh: Book Review

My only grudge is that the book is superficial at places where it shouldn’t have been – especially Nokia acquisition. It’s easy to ‘sound right’ (“the world doesn’t need new OS”) in hindsight, but Satya Nadella somehow ducks many of these bouncers.
Totally recommended, if you are a cricket fan and wanna experience how Satya Nadella brings the cricket metaphor in the story telling.
There has been a debate whether it is ‘too early’ for Satya Nadella to publish his journey – well, my take is it’s never too late and as long as he has the audience, it is all cool.
To his credit, he has brought back a LOT of love for Microsoft over the last few years – not just with Windows 10, but the open love which MS has shown towards open source tech and for other platforms (esp Apple) is quite commendable.

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