HitWise Enters India, Claims Facebook Gets More Traffic than Yahoo

Experian, the global information services company, has announced the launch of Experian Hitwise in India.  Experian Hitwise reports on more than 200,000 websites across 119 industries and over six million search terms, based on the anonymous and aggregated Internet activity of an opt in panel of Indian Internet users across the country. Experian’s Internet measurement service will help domestic and international marketers operating in India to improve their online marketing, content development, affiliate strategies and search tactics.

Experian established its operations in India in December 2006 and since then has introduced it key businesses in India including Credit Services, Decision Analytics and Marketing Services. The company has also launched its email marketing service, Cheetahmail in India.

HitWise Insights

HitWise has shared a few insights for week ending Jan 1, 2011.

Facebook gets more traffic than Yahoo?


Google (www.google.co.in) was the most visited website in India, representing 11.13% of all Indian Internet visits – equivalent to 1 in every 10. Second and the 4th position are retained by Google network site (www.google.com) & Gmail. YouTube is the 6th most visited website in India.

This makes Google as the most popular group of websites on the Internet with approximately 25% of all Indian Internet visits – equivalent to almost 1 in every 4. Facebook is the 3rd most visited website in India, representing 5.26% of all Indian Internet visits during the week ending Jan. 1, 2011.
The site accounted for more than one third of all Indian visits to social networks over the same period, picking up over twice as many visits as second placed YouTube. Orkut (www.orkut.com) is still active in India as the third most popular social network.

Search engines are the most popular sites in India

Search Engines are the most visited category of websites in India, representing for 19.59% of all Indian Internet visits during the week ending Jan. 1, 2011. Social networks and Forums rank second, representing 12.57% of India Internet visits. Banking and Financial Institutions is the 10th most visited category of websites.

Google.co.in accounted for 87.36 percent of all searches conducted in India for the 12 weeks ending Jan. 1, 2011. Google.com received 5.43 percent of searches while in.search.yahoo.com received 3.60 percent and search.yahoo.com 1.08 percent, respectively.

What’s your take on HitWise insights? As far as Facebook vs. Yahoo’s traffic in India is concerned, Facebook does get more traffic than Yahoo homepage – but Yahoo is much bigger than the homepage – and HitWise should report accordingly.

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