Craving Home Food in Mumbai? Get on Imly, Now! [Storefronts for Chefs]

imlyIf you are a foodie and have an appetite for fresh homemade food prepared at rather less known kitchens and chefs, Imly, an online marketplace, for home chefs might be the just the place for you. The Mumbai based platform allows chefs and kitchens to create digital storefronts showcasing the delicacies they cook.

Presently, Imly is only operational in Mumbai, and offers more than hundred delicacies spanning across categories such as cuisines (Asian, Continental, Goan, Italian and Mexican), desserts (brownies, cakes, chocolates etc), dips and sauces and salads including health snacks and masalas.

Imly also allows foodies to filter gourmet foods in accordance with one’s’ taste like vegetarian, baked, with and without eggs, nuts, low fat, seafood among others.

For sellers, the platform is currently free with features to set up a web kitchen in minutes, control delivery, order tracking and importantly an one click button to shut their shop (in case of situations like vacation and emergencies). To make delivery process easy for sellers, Imly allows them to define pickup points from where consumers can collect the parcel. In addition, if sellers can’t click  pictures of their delicacies – Imly commutes to their place and does the photoshoot for them without any cost. We wonder if this effort by Imly is worth their time and effort, since most people can shoot their own pictures with smartphones and affordable point and shoot cameras. However, it looks like the team is looking for high quality images and hence the effort.

In terms of payment options, Imly offers only cash on delivery (COD) at the moment, however, it will integrate payment gateway with more sellers coming onto it. Speaking about monetizing aspects of the business, Abhishek Singh, co-founder, Imly said “I think focusing on revenue at this early stage will take our focus away from building and improving Imly. Though, we do have some options in mind when it comes to monetizing Imly”.

Launched last week, Imly is seeing a decent interest with a few thousand people already having visited the site and over 20 orders being processed. “We want to have at least 100 home chefs on board in Mumbai alone, within the next 6 months and around 50 orders being processed each day,” added Singh.

With a three member team- Imly is so far a bootstrapped venture, and is part of India Quotient’s inaugural startup bootcamp. “In future we tend to roll out more relevant and optimized functionalities for sellers as well as buyers. Imly is still s work in progress, but like any great recipe it will take time to perfect her,” concluded Singh.

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