HomeLane launches Kaleido, Virtual Reality Device

Homelane, an online provider of modular home furnishing solutions, is hoping to change buying trends in the home décor market with their virtual reality-based device called the Kaleido.

The device provides an immersive VR experience to users and allows them to envision different looks for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms in real time, thus helping them make an informed choice. 


A major pain point when hunting for furnishing options is the inability to accurately predict what the final setup will look like. You may like a modular kitchen in the showroom, but what happens when you bring it home and realize it does not match your floors or your walls? HomeLane.com’s Kaleido could very well be the answer to that dilemma.

Just like a kaleidoscope shows you numerous images at one go, Homelane’s Kaleido too allows users to see various furnishing options in real time with a rich immersive experience. Imagine if you could see a three dimensional rendition of the kitchen you were going to buy and be able to change and choose colours, finishes, appliances like hobs and chimneys, details like the style of the cabinet handles, the countertop, the flooring and the backsplash without paying a single penny.

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